The most recent patch to Classic World of Warcraft TBC

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The most recent patch to Classic World of Warcraft TBC

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Kael'thas may have betrayed Illidan to achieve his own goals But the players took action to stop his schemes within the magically-infused world of Netherstorm. Lady Vashj on the other hand, remained loyal to Stormrage and planned to siphon all the water out of Outland as a means to control the inhabitants with wow tbc classic gold . Vashj was slain in a similar fashion to Kael'thas. However, the body of the snake was left. It was only thanks to the valuable information provided by Akama, an enslaved Draenei who was fighting against Illidan in order to free them from Legion but had since realized that the demon hunter was no one to save the world.

Players attacked Illidan's home, and swarmed into the Black Temple, a defiled fortress that used to be sacred to the Light. Many players gathered to defeat Illidan Stormrage. Some of them were familiar faces like Maiev Shadowsong. Maiev was a night elf Warden who chased Illidan across the universe, and finally got him in the right place by striking him dead on the top of the Black Temple. Illidan Stormrage, a beloved character from the playable antihero in Warcraft 3: The Frozen THRONE, was dead just short of achieving his aim of destroying this Burning Legion.

With Illidan Stormrage and plenty of different bosses that WoW: The Burning Crusade brought down, those on the shattered planet were finally free to enjoy their lives in peace. However, the Burning Legion's primary purpose was never Outland. Azeroth was the ultimate prize and players soon got caught up in another battle to save their home from demons' wrath. Kael'thas had somehow survived the defeat of Netherstorm had returned to his home town of Quel'thalas for the Sunwell the blood elves sacred source of energy which was polluted by Arthas Menethil and the Scourge in Warcraft 3.

Although the well of pure magic was closed, Kael'thas wanted to use its remaining potential to summon Burning Legion's most fearsome general Kil'jaeden the Deceiver. Kael'thas's mind and heart twisted through a lust for power managed to orchestrate the Deceiver's re-emergence, something that would be a disaster for Azeroth. The players fought hundreds of demons before they finally were able to expel Kil'jaeden for good. In the course of this process, the Sunwell was then purified yet again, and the blood elves who had suffered through so much had some modicum of hope for the future.

In the end finally, the Burning Legion had been brought to the ground and Azeroth could rest peacefully for the moment with Buy wow tbc classic gold . Outland had been freed and new allies were gained with the help of the Horde and Alliance. The two returned home in triumph and celebration, but it didn't last long. Dark clouds brewed at the horizon, casting the familiar harsh shadow over the region. Arthas Menethil the Lich King himself had awoken from dotage, which meant that World of Warcraft players were facing the toughest opponent they've ever faced.
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